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Malaysian 'MMA fighter' takes on four security guards

A Malaysian man has been filmed attempting to bring down a number of security guards after he was reportedly refused entry to a building in Subang Jaya. Full story »


'Gangnam Style' dethroned as most-viewed YouTube video of all time

For a long time, it seemed like nothing could overcome the astronomical fame achieved by 2012 viral hit Gangnam Style – until now. Full story »


The shocking moment a man is flung through car’s rear windscreen

A Chinese man has miraculously survived a high-speed crash that saw him flung through a car’s rear windscreen. Full story »


Kid sasses 'weather boy' reporter in TV segment fix-up

A Fox News meteorologist seeking advice on the best fireworks to buy has instead received a whole lot of attitude, care of one young – and feisty – “customer”. Full story »

Pregnant woman rams alleged purse thief with SUV

A woman in Asheville, North Carolina has mowed down a man she claims stole her purse from a Walmart parking lot. Full story »


US cop caught on video punching man in the head

An Atlanta police officer has been placed on administrative leave after he was filmed striking a man in the head while attempting to restrain him. Full story »


‘Gunman’ steals car during test drive then flees into bushland

A man has surrendered to police in Brisbane after he took a car out for a test drive then pulled a gun on the owner. Full story »


Evicted tenant leaves more than 70 tarantulas and scorpions in apartment

An evicted tenant has left boxes containing more than 70 tarantulas and scorpions inside his abandoned Texas apartment. Full story »


Woman faints after accidentally snapping $60k bracelet

A Chinese tourist accused of accidentally breaking a jade bracelet worth 300,000 yuan (A$57,741) has been filmed after passing out in shock. Full story »


US man accused of killing son laughs during extradition hearing

A Los Angeles man accused of killing his missing five-year-old son has been captured on courtroom video smiling, laughing and even joking with a judge. Full story »


How this baby won free birthday flights for his entire life

When an expectant mother went into labour on a Spirit Airlines flight, an emergency landing was not quick enough. Full story »


Police officer knocked unconscious in shocking Facebook Live video

Three men allegedly bashed the constable on a Cairns street until he fell to the ground, but the attack didn't end there. Full story »

Reporter confronts ranting White House press secretary

A reporter has taken White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to task after she began ranting about “the constant barrage of fake news” during a press briefing today. Full story »


The video the White House wants you to watch 'whether it's accurate or not'

White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has urged Americans to watch a secretly recorded YouTube video made by a conservative activist, while refusing to vouch for its accuracy. Full story »


Alleged drink driving spree in US comes to catastrophic end

An alleged US drink driver’s trip down a North Carolina highway has ended with his car hitting a ditch and going airborne, flipping into a tree. Full story »


Man calmly walks into pub after being thrown 6m when hit by bus

A man struck by a careening bus while walking down a street in the UK has been filmed collectedly rising and walking into a pub. Full story »


Sydney police officer stops traffic to help elderly woman cross road

A police officer has stopped early-morning Sydney traffic to help an elderly woman safely cross the street. Full story »


US police officer threatens to jail jaywalker

A US police officer threatened to jail a man he claims to have caught jaywalking across a street in Jacksonville, Florida. Full story »


Thrill-seeking painters film themselves atop 322m Gold Coast skyscraper

Two fearless workers have filmed themselves on top of the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.

  Full story »


'Idiot of the week award': Hoon does burnouts on busy Gold Coast highway

Police have slammed the “senseless” behaviour of a hoon caught burning rubber while stuck in traffic on a Gold Coast highway.

  Full story »