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Bali prison escapee Shaun Davidson taunts police with wanted posters on Facebook

Bali prison escapee Shaun Davidson has poked fun at international police on social media more than a month after he fled the notorious Kerobokan jail.

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Sydney girl fighting for her life in hospital after being pulled from Bali pool

Kawa Sweeney is fighting for her life in a Perth hospital after she was pulled unconscious from a swimming pool in Bali.  Full story »


Are Aussie 'bogans' ruining Bali?

Australians love Bali, with 1.25 million visiting the Indonesian island last year - and revellers are growing frustrated at being stereotyped as bogans. Full story »

Joko Widodo orders police to 'be firm' and shoot drug traffickers

President Joko Widodo has told police officers to "be firm" and shoot drug traffickers, saying Indonesia country faces a "narcotics emergency". Full story »

Aussie tourist busts thief but lets her keep stolen cash

A Balinese woman who stole from a tourist was granted an unexpected reprieve when her Australian victim let her keep some of the cash on the provision she “not do it again”. Full story »


Traveller saves Aussie teetering on ledge at Bali airport

A traveller has tackled an Australian man to safety after he climbed onto a balcony at a Bali airport and teetered on the edge of a 25-metre ledge. Full story »


Shaun Davidson crowd-funding page shut down after only raising $65

A GoFundMe page set up by supporters of Bali prison escapee Shaun Davidson has been shut down after only raising $65. Full story »

Bali police re-enact prison escape as Australian Shaun Davidson remains on the run

Indonesian police have re-enacted the escape of four prisoners from the infamous Kerobokan prison and vowed to catch the fugitives, including Australian man Shaun Davidson. Full story »


Aussie fugitive Shaun Davidson taunts Indonesian cops on Facebook

Shaun Davidson is reportedly taunting Indonesian police on Facebook over claims they know his location and are closing in on him. Full story »

Schapelle Corby posts video as she celebrates her 40th birthday in freedom

Schapelle Corby has marked her 40th birthday as a free woman by sharing a special tune to her followers on Instagram. Full story »


Families of Bali bombing victims don't want death penalty

The father of a man killed in the Bali bombings says he does not want the mastermind behind the terror attack to be executed as charges are finally laid over the atrocity.  Full story »


Kerobokan fugitive Shaun Davidson 'checks in' at Amsterdam nightclub

The Australian man who busted out of Bali's notorious Kerobokan prison this week has "checked in" in Amsterdam, according to his Facebook profile. Full story »


Police dig up dirt tunnel looking for Australian jail escapee

A tunnel dug by an Australian and three other inmates to escape a Bali prison will be dug up to see if any of them are trapped inside. Full story »


Inmates who escaped from Bali’s Kerobokan Prison may have drowned in flooded tunnel

Bali police are investigating whether four foreign inmates, including an Australian man, drowned as they tried to dig their way out of Kerobokan Prison. Full story »


Australian tourists unknowingly served dog meat in Bali

A report has found Bali food vendors are deceiving Australian tourists into buying dog meat obtained using cruel and brutal means. Full story »


Schapelle Corby’s parole papers rake in over $20k on eBay

The parole papers attracted 123 eBay bidders. (eBay).

The parole book of the convicted drug smuggler and newly created social media star has sold to an anonymous bidder. Full story »


Bali police investigating Queensland man Tyler Kennedy's death want to speak to his friends

Tyler Kennedy died at a Bali villa. (Facebook)
Bali police say they are still hoping to speak with the friends of a Queensland man believed to have drowned after drinking at a local villa. Full story »

Queensland man drowns in Bali celebrating friend's wedding

A Queensland man has been found dead at the bottom of a pool after he drowned while holidaying in Bali for a friend's wedding.   Full story »


Schapelle Corby posts cheeky video mocking media coverage of her return to Australia

Schapelle Corby has posted a video of herself and her family watching live media coverage of her return to Australia - showing her face for the first time since her arrival.  Full story »


Schapelle Corby plays game of cat and mouse with media

Schapelle Corby's family are gathering at her mother's suburban home south of Brisbane but the location of the convicted drug smuggler remains a mystery. Full story »