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Flash floods sweep away homes in north western China

Heavy rainfall has caused flash flooding in China’s northwestern Shaanxi province, killing one man and destroying homes. Full story »

Drunk Chinese man falls down elevator shaft

9RAW: Drunk man falls into elevator shaft
9RAW: Dog frees itself from elevator door
Drunk man kicks elevator door, falls down shaft
An impatient drunk man has tumbled down a Chinese lift shaft after repeatedly barging the door. Full story »

Record-breaking heatwave leaves panda in a trance at Shanghai Zoo

As a record-breaking heatwave plagues much of China, pandas in the country’s capital have struggled to battle the scorching temperatures. Full story »


HK lowers alert as Typhoon Roke weakens

The Hong Kong Observatory on Sunday morning raised its typhoon alert to 8 - close to the top rating of 10 - but has lowered it as Roke weakens. Full story »

Chinese ship in 'vicinity' of war games

A Chinese spy ship has been detected in the vicinity of joint Australian and US war games, the defence department has confirmed. Full story »

Too late to say sorry: China bars Bieber

China wants Justin Bieber to improve his behaviour before he tours the Asian country again. Full story »

Trucks explode on Chinese highway after morning crash

9RAW: Truck-van collision causes explosion in China
9RAW: Bus explodes on impact with car
9RAW: Car explodes when driver lights cigarette
Two trucks have exploded on a Chinese highway after an early morning crash.  Full story »

Chinese laureate's ashes scattered at sea

The ashes of Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo have been scattered at sea, in a move that has angered friends of the dissident and rights groups. Full story »

West led Nobel winner Liu Xiaobo 'astray'

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo has died from multiple organ failure. (AAP)
Chinese dissident and Nobel peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo has died from multiple organ failure after being denied treatment abroad. Full story »

China releases 10 Crown Resorts staff who were jailed for gambling crimes

Ten Crown employees have been released by Chinese authorities, including Australian national Jerry Xuan. They were among 16 sentenced for gambling crimes. Full story »

Block of flats slides into flooded river in China

A five-storey block of flats collapsed into a raging river in China earlier this month as the region was beset by heavy flooding. Full story »


US apologises for Taiwan name gaffe

White House officials have been left red-faced after mistakenly calling Chinese President Xi Jinping the leader of Taiwan. Full story »

G20 communique agreed apart from climate

World leaders meeting for a summit in Germany have agreed on every aspect of a joint statement apart from the section on climate where the US is pushing for a reference to fossil fuels, European Union officials say. Full story »


North Korea: Russia, China beg for cooler heads as Trump starts throwing elbows

Tensions between North Korea and the US could de-escalate immediately if a plan proposed by China and Russia was agreed to. Full story »

Trump denounces China trade with North Korea

Donald Trump has criticised China's trade deal with North Korea. (AAP)
US President Donald Trump has criticised China's booming trade with North Korea. Full story »

Chinese nine-year-old takes bus on 90-minute joyride

A nine-year-old Chinese boy has taken a bus on a joyride through the busy streets of Guangzhou, but remarkably managed to avoid hitting anyone or anything. Full story »

Ingenious idea saves doomed man from deadly China flood in nick of time

A Chinese man has been pulled to safety from raging flood waters in a breathtaking rescue involving a fire extinguisher and hose. Full story »

China's UN ambassador says North Korea crisis could 'get out of control'

China's UN ambassador has warned of "disastrous" consequences if world powers fail to find a way to ease tensions with North Korea which he said could "get out of control". Full story »

The shocking moment a man is flung through car’s rear windscreen

A Chinese man has miraculously survived a high-speed crash that saw him flung through a car’s rear windscreen. Full story »


China's launch of satellite-carrying rocket fails

China announced the launch of a powerful rocket designed to carry communication satellites into orbit had been "unsuccessful", in a glitch for the country's ambitious space program. Full story »