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Chinese tycoon accuses government of shutting down corruption allegations

Guo Wengui gives an interview to the US government-funded Voice of America program. (Voice of America)

A Chinese property tycoon on Thursday accused Beijing of meddling in an interview with a US broadcaster during which he had vowed to air corruption allegations against high-ranking Communist Party officials. Full story »


China chides US about carrier's location

A US aircraft carrier and other warships did not sail towards North Korea, China says. Full story »

Distracted driver runs over two-year-old boy

A two-year-old boy in China has survived after being run over by a distracted driver. Full story »

Frozen Chinese river blown up to prevent flooding

Ice blown up to thaw river
Brisbane silo demolition fail
Casino destroyed in controlled implosion
A frozen Chinese river has been detonated with explosives to prevent flooding. Full story »

China predicts 'conflict any moment' as US-North Korea tensions escalate

A "conflict could break out at any moment" over North Korea, China's foreign minister Wang Yi today said, warning there would be "no winner" in any war, as tensions soar with the US. Full story »


China's exports accelerate in March

China's 2017 export outlook has brightened considerably after reported forecast-beating trade growth in March. Full story »

Trump launched Syria strike eating cake with Xi Jinping

Donald Trump has told Fox that he made the decision to launch last week's missile strike on a Syrian airbase while he ate "the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake" with China's president. Full story »

Trump says US ready to solve North Korea 'problem' without China

Donald Trump says the US is ready to solve the North Korean 'problem' without China.
US President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the United States is ready to solve the North Korean "problem" without China if necessary. Full story »

Demoted for 'not smoking near Muslims'

A Chinese official has reportedly been demoted for "not daring" to smoke in front of Muslim elders - a sign he apparently lacked "commitment to secularisation". Full story »

China remains 'world’s biggest executioner', Amnesty announces

China has been announced as the world's biggest executioner. (AFP)

More than 90 percent of the world's executions last year took place in five countries - China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan, Amnesty International has revealed.

  Full story »


Dim witted phone thief runs into police station

A woman has chased a man who allegedly stole her phone straight into a police station where he was swiftly arrested. Full story »


Brave Chinese bank employee saves hostage

A Chinese bank employee has saved a hostage's life by convincing a knife-wielding thief to let him take her place. Full story »

Man following GPS instructions drives car into Chinese river

The man got stuck when the river started to rise. (Shanghaiist)

A man in China has demonstrated the pitfalls of technology, driving into a river after being misled by his GPS. Full story »


Dalai Lama's monastery visit met with protests from China

The Dalai Lama will has addressed devotees at a monastery near India's border with China. (AAP)
The Dalai Lama will Saturday address devotees at the monastery near India's border with China where he took shelter on his flight from Tibet, drawing protests from Beijing which claims the Himalayan area as its territory. Full story »

Trump ordered Syria bombs before Xi dinner

Xi Jinping shakes hands with Donald Trump. (AAP)
Donald Trump was presented with several options on how to respond to apparent chemical attacks on civilians by the Syrian government. Full story »

Passengers crash through bus window after driver loses control

Passengers have been thrown through a Chinese bus window while on their way to work after it crashed into a barrier at speed. Full story »

Martial arts master catches falling construction worker

A Chinese construction worker has been saved by a martial arts master after plummeting eight metres from a ledge. Full story »

'Hop to it': man throws rocks at kangaroos in Chinese zoo

A visitor to a Chinese zoo was so intent on watching kangaroos hop that he threw rocks at the helpless animals. Full story »

Sydney academic returns to Australia after being detained in China

Chongyi Feng is an associate professor in China studies at the University of Technology Sydney. (UTS)

An academic from the University of Technology Sydney, who was held in Beijing for national security reasons, has returned to Sydney. Full story »


China plans giant preserve for giant panda

China will move about 170,000 people to make way for a giant panda reserve three times the size of Yellowstone National Park. Full story »