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More than 10,000 people evacuated as wildfires ravage southern France

At least 10,000 people have been evacuated overnight after a new wildfire was sparked in southern France, which is already being ravaged by massive forest fires. Full story »


Hunt continues for Swiss chainsaw suspect

Armed police officers seal off the old town of Schaffhausen, Switzerland as officers search for an unidentified man, following an attack with a chainsaw. (AAP)
Authorities are leading a massive manhunt on the Swiss-German border for the suspect behind a chainsaw attack that injured five people. Full story »

Chainsaw attack in Swiss town

Armed police officers seal off the old town of Schaffhausen, Switzerland as officers search for an unidentified man, following an attack with a chainsaw. (AAP)
At least five people have been injured in an attack launched by a man wielding a chainsaw in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen. Full story »

Inside the tunnels beneath the Rock of Gibraltar

Michael Best goes inside the tunnels beneath the Rock of Gibraltar. Full story »

German ‘jihadi girl’ found in Mosul could face death penalty

A 16-year-old German girl suspected of joining Islamic Stat jihadists in Iraq has been arrested in Mosul, German authorities confirmed overnight. Full story »


Princess Charlotte stages mini meltdown on royal tour

Whether it was a sign of a gruelling royal tour coming to an end or the sight of a helicopter, Princess Charlotte was tipped over the edge on a tarmac. Full story »


Prince George turns four!

<strong>HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCE GEORGE!&nbsp;</strong>
<strong>HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCE GEORGE!</strong><br>

After a week on the road, the ambassador for cuteness is home in time to celebrate his fourth birthday. Full story »


Salvador Dali's trademark moustache intact at '10 past 10'

Forensics experts have exhumed Salvador Dali's remains from a tomb in his Spanish hometown, nearly three decades after his death, in order to test a fortune teller's claims that she is the only daughter of the renowned surrealist. Full story »

Earthquake kills 2 on Greek resort island

A powerful earthquake has sent a building crashing down, killing two tourists at a bar on the Greek island of Kos Full story »

Turkish quake caused small 'tsunami'

The powerful quake that hit the Aegean Sea has caused a small 'tsunami' at the Turkish resort of Bodrum, where 70 people were treated for minor injuries. Full story »

Building shook like a jelly: tourist tells

Tourists and locals have run from their beds after a powerful 6.7 magnitude quake hit in the middle of the night in the Aegean Sea, near tourist hotspots. Full story »

French singer dies on stage of suspected electrocution

A 35-year-old French folk singer has died of a suspected electrocution while performing during a storm in a hilltop church, local authorities say. Full story »


ECB leaves key stimulus policies unchanged

The European Central Bank has left its interest rate benchmarks unchanged. Full story »

France's armed forces chief resigns

France's defence chief Pierre de Villers has quit his post, citing a dispute over financial constraints. Full story »

Prince William and Kate 'moved' by concentration camp visit

Prince William and his wife Kate said Tuesday they were "intensely moved" by their visit to a former Nazi German concentration camp, on a diplomacy tour of Poland and Germany following the Brexit vote. Full story »

Young royals steal the show on 'Brexit diplomacy tour' of Poland

Prince William and his wife Kate arrived in Warsaw on Monday on a five-day "diplomacy tour" of Poland and Germany in the wake of Brexit, which has tarnished Britain's reputation in Europe. Full story »

Chatting cabbies oblivious to car bomb being planted

A bizarre and unexplained car bombing in the Slovakian city of Zilina happened just metres away from two oblivious taxi drivers having a late-night chat. Full story »


Brexit talks begin in Brussels

The first of Brexit talks have begun in Brussels, with civil servants working to find common ground between the British and European Union negotiators. Full story »

Lost son would want MH17 truth to come out

A Sydney family have visited a special tree planted in the Netherlands in memory of their son who died on Flight MH17 when it was shot down over Ukraine. Full story »

The pain of MH17 still lingers three years on

When 9NEWS reporter Damian Ryan was sent to cover the MH17 disaster in eastern Ukraine three years ago, he had to deal with hostile gunmen and the sad and confronting images of what happens when a jetliner crashes to earth.

Full story »